Rex Nordic

Ann and her family purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for their swimming pool. The Rexener PR200 is now heating their swimming pool, whose volume is almost 50 m3, for the fourth summer.

We start the pool season immediately when the spring sun starts shining and continue swimming until the first snow falls. Our children swim almost every day, and we keep the water temperature at 29 °C. The neighbours’ children are also frequent visitors.

Usually, people drain some of the water from their swimming pool for the winter and let the rest of the water freeze. In Ann’s family’s pool, the water keeps circulating throughout the winter, and the Rexener PR200 keeps the water temperature at 5 °C so that it cannot freeze.

Last winter, I think it took about 100 litres of fuel to keep the pool unfrozen until the spring. In the spring, we can start using the pool immediately when we want to as it’s not frozen. When we start raising the temperature, it takes 1.5 days until the water is warm enough for swimming. The pool will then be kept warm until the next winter.

The Rexener PR200 was the only sensible option found for heating the pool outside mid-summer.

The pool manufacturer said that an air source heat pump could keep the pool heated at a mean daily temperature of over 15 °C. Otherwise, the power would not be sufficient. With the Rexener, we once tried heating the pool in winter when the temperature was –29 °C. It took a lot of fuel, but it was pretty fun to swim in the 30 °C water, watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Last autumn, from August to October, we used about 7–9 litres of fuel per day. This was enough to constantly keep the water temperature at almost 30 °C. Our pool is well insulated. There are 50 mm urethane plates all around and a lamella cover on top of the pool.

A 1,000 litre tank has been installed under the terrace, next to the Rexener PR200 heater, supplying fuel for a long time.

One of the benefits of a large tank is that the fuel is brought directly to the tank by a tanker lorry and you don’t need to use smaller receptacles to get it.

The Rexener PR200 has been easy to use and has significantly increased the use of the swimming pool.

Well, if the water in the pool wasn’t warm, you wouldn’t really like to dip your toes into it. Nothing beats warm water in a pool.

We don’t need to think about the heater much. It’s hidden there under the terrace boards. Everything has worked very well.

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