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Moisture and diesel infrared heaters

When heating cold spaces, the moisture tends to condensate on windows, metal structures or other structures in the heated space. From where does this moisture actually come? As a rule, air contains humidity in the form of water vapour: the hotter the air, the more humidity there is in it. Cold air cannot hold as much […]

What makes infrared heaters better than fan heaters?

There are many significant differences between an infrared heater and a traditional fan heater. For instance, instead of blowing, infrared heaters radiate heat. Infrared radiation heats materials, not air. To learn more about infrared radiation, visit, for example, Wikipedia. You can feel the heating effect of an infrared heater even outdoors in windy weather because the […]

Large space heaters and exhaust management

Not many enjoy the exhaust gases produced from burning diesel or fuel oil. A lot of people have found that the gases cause unpleasant symptoms in the respiratory system, mouth and throat, or even eyes, as the most sensitive people have reported.Exhaust management is not a problem for users of Airrex large space heaters that […]

Considering a diesel heater? Tubular fan heater or a safe infrared heater?

The energy contained in diesel or fuel oil can be used for heating by burning the oil. Simple traditional auxiliary heaters consist only of an oil burner and a fan that is used to direct the heat from the oil burner to the desired spot in the form of hot airflow. Airrex infrared heaters also include […]