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FAQ Hot Tubs

What do I need to consider when choosing a spot for my hot tub?
  • The hot tub must be placed on an even surface that can withstand its full weight. (ca. 2,000 kg)
  • The hot tub can be set on a bed of crushed stone, or on a concrete base. It can also be installed or embedded in a terrace.
  • In choosing the spot for your hot tub, remember to consider where you’ll drain the water. It is possible to direct the water flow elsewhere with a hose.
  • The drainage valve is on the heater side of the tub, and fits hoses with a 25-mm inner diameter.
How do you keep the pool clean?
  • Keep the pool covered (sold separately), and maintain good hygiene by washing and drying the pool regularly.
  • Use pool chemicals if you want to extend the water replacement interval.
  • If you use pool chemicals, keep the water’s pH within the set limits, i.e. 7.0–7.6.
What if something breaks?
Our maintenance network covers the whole of the UK. We have highly qualified technicians and spare parts readily available all around the nation. All Rexener hot tub spare parts are available at our warehouse in Finland.
Do I have to drain the Rexener Silence hot tub for the winter?
Water must not be allowed to freeze inside the hot tub/stove. We therefore recommend our Rexener Aurora, Rexener Polar or Rexener Unnukka hot tubs for year-round usage, as their water heaters allow you to keep water from freezing at all times. No parts in the hot tub are damaged by sub-zero temperatures.
Can the Rexener Silence hot tub be embedded in my terrace?
The hot tub is square shaped, which makes it easy to embed.
How long does it take to heat the Rexener Silence hot tub?

Thanks to its modern design, heat losses are minimised, and the hot tub can heat at a rate of up to 15 degrees per hour* when it is full.

*Requires cover.

How much water fits in the hot tub?
Rexener hot tubs have a water volume of 1,500 litres. You can choose to fill the tub with 1,300–1,500 litres depending on your intended use and the number of bathers.
How do I use the Rexener Silence hot tub?
The hot tub is easy to use. Heat the stove, wait for the water to heat, and climb into the blissfully warm water. Heating with a wood stove may take some practice to maintain the water at the temperature you want. 35–40 degrees is the most popular temperature range. If wood heating feels like a challenge, we recommend instead our Rexener Aurora or Rexener Polar hot tub, which come with our advanced Rexener PR200 water heater with thermostat control.
Can I use seawater in Rexener hot tubs?

No. Rexener PR200 water heater should not be used with seawater as it can cause problems due to the high salinity and the warranty does not cover any damage that may occur.

It is strictly forbidden to use pool salt, for example to clean the pool. Pool salt can’t be added to water heated by Rexener PR200 water heaters.

Do I have to drain the Rexener Aurora/Polar hot tub for the winter?
  • Rexener Aurora and Polar hot tubs can be used in the winter. However, do not allow water to freeze inside the water heater/hot tub/water circulation pump. If you wish, you can keep enough water warm so that it can’t freeze, which means you do not need to drain the device. If the heater is not in use (or the hot tub is otherwise kept warm), the device must be drained before temperatures drop below zero.
  • The fuel will keep in its tank, which means you do not need to drain the fuel tank even in freezing temperatures. We recommend replacing the fuel if it has remained unused for a long time.
  • Please note! Make sure you use winterised fuel when using the heater in freezing temperatures.
Can biofuel be used in the heater?

Yes! Rexener PR200 functions perfectly with Neste MY and Aspen fuels, among others.

How much fuel does the heater consume?
  • Water volume in the hot tub: 1,500 L
  • Heating time (+7 -> +38 °C) roughly 2 hours, one hour of which is filling up the pool
  • Heating cost ca. €4

When the Rexener PR200 is running, its fuel consumption is 2L/hour. However, its thermostat will turn the heater off when the water reaches the right temperature. When the water temperature falls by 2–4 degrees, the heater will turn itself back on. This helps to minimise its fuel use.

You can lower the temperature to +10 degrees if the hot tub is not in constant active use. This can also help to save energy.

How much filter balls should I use?

560 gr is the minimum (corresponds to about 20 kg of sand), therefore a whole box is included (700 gr corresponds to about 25 kg of sand). So it is ok to fill the container with 700 gr, but 560 gr (4/5 of the box) is minimal.

What is UV-light?
  • Before passing through the Rexener Bioheater, water passes through a UVC device with a UV light.
  • UV light is for clarifying water.
  • UV light prevents the formation of algae and reduces potential pathogens in the water.
  • UV light is based on ultraviolet radiation, which causes changes in both animal and plant cells.
  • UV light clarifies the pool water and minimizes the need for chemical disinfection.
  • UV light can also reduce chlorine odor.
  • When the power cord for UV light is plugged in, the UV light turns on.
  • Always turn off the UV light to avoid overheating when there is no water flowing through the UVC device.
  • The UV device stays in good condition when you remember to clean the protective glass of the UV light  2-3 times a year.

– The effective life of the UV lamp is about 4,000 hours. We recommend replacing the lamp once a year.