Rex Nordic

Melting snow and ice with Airrex AH-800 heater

Founded in 1995, Amados Oy is specialised in the marketing and sales of machines related to construction, agriculture and property maintenance in Finland and Russia. The heater Airrex AH-800 was acquired to heat Amados’ workshop hall approximately 2.5 years ago, and it has been in heavy use ever since. Mikkeli-based Amados’ hall is 5–6 metres […]

Terrace heater, hall heater and BBQ hut heater – Airrex AH-300

Harry Mäkelä has an impressive terrace in his house. Mäkelä uses his grill a lot in winter, so the Airrex infrared heater may be switched on from Friday until Saturday. “We used to use this duct-shaped fuel oil heater. We found its flame and blast slightly dangerous in terms of heating a BBQ hut constructed […]

Flower friendly Airrex AH-300 infrared heater solves greenhouse heating problem

Three years ago, at the Munkkivuori Garden, it was considered how the premises would be kept warm and the flowers happy. The gas heater didn’t work, but the diesel-powered Airrex AH-300 was chosen as the right heating solution. The garden has a smaller store section and a larger greenhouse. The entire space is about 5 […]

Airrex AH-300 helped cut a garage’s costs significantly

Two years ago, Riku Turunen from Kontiolahti was considering the heating costs of his industrial hall. It consumed a lot of power and the bills really reflected that. Things had to change in a sensible manner. Riku’s garage hall is 135 square metres in size, and the highest point of the roof is at four […]