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Trond, who works in Rex Nordic’s sales team, placed a Rexener hot tub in his own yard and has been very pleased with it.

It’s a completely insane experience of how fast it is possible to heat such large amounts of water!

Trond has the Rexener Polar hot tub placed in the garden. He has built a separate terrace just for the hot tub – this is because he wanted it closer to the river that flows just below his property. This way he gets a better nature experience.

The hot tub is in active usage, in autumn and winter, the family uses the hot tub up to 3 times a week.

The fast heating with the PR200 water heater makes it much easier to use the hot tub more often. You do not have to plan when to take a bath.

In the winter and on days when the hot tub is not in use, I set the desired water temperature to 10 degrees, so that the water does not freeze in the winter”.

In spring and summer, the hot tub is used a little less, but we always have water in the hot tub. The circulation pump and the filtration + we use Biocool cleaning products means that the bathing water is always crystal clear, inviting, and free of bacteria.

Our family is very happy with the products. Our children often have friends on bathing visits.

A completely insane experience of how fast it is possible to heat such large amounts of water.

For the PR200 heater, we use red diesel. The burner of the PR200 water heater is so efficient that we haven’t experienced any exhaust or odour. It’s at our disposal around the clock.

I really recommend the products to others. Several friends of ours have bought the hot tub or water heater after visiting us. A friend of mine only bought a PR200 water heater to install in his old hot tub which had a wood stove as a heating source. It was very easy to replace the old stove.

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