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FAQ - REX Evaporative coolers


Frequently asked questions

How large a space is the device able to cool?

The size of the cooled area depends on many factors, including how well the space is insulated. In a normally insulated space, the REX14000 is capable of cooling an area of up to 120 m2 and REX25000 cooling capacity 250 m²

What kind of control panel does the device have?

The cooler is equipped with a clear control panel with switches that allows you to control fan speed and pump power; there’s also an indicator for UVC Light.

  • Power / Emergency Stop
  • Power of Pump
  • Power of Fan
  • Power of Electric Shutter (Automatically swinging left and right to create wider wind fetch.)
  • Fan Speed Regulator (Variable speed from 0 to full speed.)
  • UVC Light (Indicator) Running with the pump, instantly killing 99% of bacteria in the water.
What kind of a power connection does the device require?

The device requires a 240V 50Hz power connection.

Are the REX14000, REX25000 and REX48000 a safe coolers?

The cooler is extremely safe to use.

  • CE certification
  • Emergency stop available
Where can the device be used?

Industrial Facilities, Factory, Garage, Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Car Repair Shop, Machine Tool Factory, Warehouse, Greenhouse, Animal Farm, Personal Work Space, The industry in general, Automotive, Aviation, Agriculture/Horticulture, Military,, Logistics, Restaurant, Shop, Tents and events, Hotels, restaurants and catering etc

How much does the device cool the air?

Evaporative coolers can cause a temperature drop of between 4°C and 12°C when outdoor temperatures are above 22°C.

What if there is a problem with the device?

All air conditioner spare parts are available from our warehouse in Finland. We also offer a maintenance service: a technician will come to your premises to repair or service the device.

Will the device restart after a power failure?

Yes, it will.