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FAQ - Airrex Air Conditioners


Frequently asked questions

How does the device work?

The unit takes in air through filters on the side and back. The air goes through an evaporator on one side and a condenser at the back of the device. Refrigerant circulates in the condenser to cool the air taken from the room. The cooled air goes to the fan and the cold air comes out through the cooling hoses.

During this process, water condenses inside the device and is drained into a tank below the  device.

The warm air generated in the process is discharged through the top.

How large a space is the device able to cool?

The size of the cooled area depends on many factors, including how well the space is insulated. In an insulated space.

  • HSC-1370 is capable of cooling an area of up to 200 m³.
  • HSC-2500 is capable of cooling an area of up to 315 m³.
  • HSC-3500 is capable of cooling an area of up to 390 m³.
  • HSC-5000A is capable of cooling an area of up to 1200 m³.

We have calculated the estimate by using the BTU calculator available

How much does the device cool the air?

The HSC series air conditioners cool the incoming air by about 10°C. If the warm air is removed from the room with an exhaust hose,the cooling process will be more efficient; as the air cools down in the room, the incoming air will be cooler and the unit will therefore produce cooler air.

1. The air in the room is 35°C. The air is cooled down by 10°C, which means that the temperature of the outgoing air is 25°C.

2. The room has cooled down to 25°C.The temperature of the outgoing air is now 15°C.

Is the HSC a safe air conditioner?

The air conditioner is extremely safe to use, as it has six different safety systems:

  • Condensate tank overfill protection
  • Condensate tank spillage protection
  • High and low pressure safety cut-out
  • 3 min backup cooling
    Compressor overheating protection
    Fan motor protection system
What if there is a problem with the device?

All air conditioner spare parts are available from our warehouse in Finland. We also offer a maintenance service: a technician will come to your premises to repair or service the device.

What kind of a power connection does the device require?

The device requires 3-phase current. Power connection: Ø 3 × 380/420 V × 50 Hz.

What kind of control panel does the device have?

The Airrex Air Conditioners are equipped with a clear digital control panel that allows you to control the desired temperature and fan speed, among other parameters. The display shows the current and set temperature, as well as any alarms. The device also has a timer function, i.e. it can be set to operate anywhere between 0 and 24 hours, after which time it will automatically switch off.

  • Room and fan temperature control
  • Fan speed
  • Off timer (automatically switches off the device)
  • Fault reports
  • Remote control available as an option
Where can the device be used?

The air conditioner can be used in warm spaces or processes that require cooling. Examples: Factories, shipyards, metal workshops, glassworks, repair shops, welding shops, machinery rooms, server rooms, stages, bakeries, kitchens, greenhouses, production lines, etc.The device is optimal for spot cooling, but also works well in the cooling of a larger space.

Where does the exhaust air go?

To boost the cooling process, exhaust air should be led outside through a ventilation duct or window, for example. When the warm exhaust air is removed from the room, it will not reheat the room. Exhaust hoses and reducing bushings for exhaust air are sold separately. Discharging the exhaust air outdoors is not necessary if the device is used in a large space to cool part of a process or a workstation, for example. This also makes moving of the device easier.

Will the device restart after a power failure?

Yes, it will.