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Our customer Stefan, who lives in Thisted, north-west in Denmark, is very pleased with his Rexener PR200 water heater.

He has only had it in use with his outdoor hot tub for a couple of weeks when we talk to him.

“It’s absolutely perfect, I could not have been more happy about the water heater.”

Stefan has been looking for such a product for a long time. Then he came across our dealer Thomas Villmarksbad in Denmark, who could recommend the water heater. The family finds it much easier to heat the water with this heater, than with a traditional wood stove. The PR200 is placed in a separate box next to the hot tub.

“It is very reliable and easy to use. Even the children manage to operate it. We heat the water to around 38-40 degrees when we use the hot tub. When it’s not in use, we turn it off and the water stays at 20-25 degrees under the lid. “

The hot tub for Stefan and the family holds 1500 liters, and it only takes a short time to heat the water to a comfortable bathing temperature.

“If I wanted something extra with the heater, it was that it could be connected to WiFi so I could turn it on with the phone”.

There is also no smoke that is a nuisance to the neighbors, and power consumption is low.

The family has used regular diesel as fuel, but biodiesel or duty-free diesel can also be used on PR 200.

“I would definitely recommend PR200 to others. It is a top product. I am also very happy with the service I have received in connection with questions about the product. PR200 will extend our bathing season, so we will use the hot tub throughout the year. ”

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