Rex Nordic

This blog post contains information about what to consider and do before a new hot tub arrives to your yard.

The base of the hot tub can be made of gravel or crushing, for example. A hard-packed surface is the best basis for the hot tub. Frost insulation can be installed on the bottom. This means that the ground does not shift, and the hot tub stands firmly. The base should hold about 2,500 kg.

It can be good to place concrete stones under the hot tub and frame. This means that the frame of the hot tub and box comes up a bit from the ground and the air circulates even under the frame.

When choosing a location, consider how the hot tub is emptied of water. If necessary, the water can be piped sideways with a hose. The water outlet valve is located on the same side of the hot tub as the heater, and is suitable for a 25mm hose (Silence, Polar, Aurora) and a 38mm hose (Unnukka).

The Rexener Silence wood stove and the protective case containing technical parts (Rexener Aurora/Polar) must be installed on an even surface, and at the same level as the hot tub kit frame’s bottom.

Our square hot tubs are easy to embed into the terrace. It is also possible to embed the round hot tub into the terrace, but it requires some craftsmanship.Protect the pool and accessories appropriately so that they do not come into direct contact with snow and ice. Also, make sure that no snow accumulates in the support frame or hot tub in the hot tub package.


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