Rex Nordic


Three years ago, at the Munkkivuori Garden, it was considered how the premises would be kept warm and the flowers happy. The gas heater didn’t work, but the diesel-powered Airrex AH-300 was chosen as the right heating solution.

The garden has a smaller store section and a larger greenhouse. The entire space is about 5 meters wide and 30 meters long. Initially, they purchased one heater, but very quickly they bought another to the store section. The product has been very easy to use and working perfectly. Now the company has even bought a third heater. 

– We have been very pleased with these infrared heaters. Two of them are constantly in use and the third is used when needed. On the greenhouse side, the heat is kept at just under ten degrees Celsius and then at the store again at 13-14 degrees Celsius, says store manager Aki Lahtinen.

”Cost-wise, I can say that Airrex is much cheaper than gas heaters”

The AH-300 has a charm of comfort and the flowers are happy. The device is almost odorless and produces carbon dioxide, which is great in such an environment. The 15kW / h heating output is just optimal and the low fuel consumption has brought the desired cost efficiency. Workers do not have to worry about using the equipment, just refuel and let the heater do its job.

– Yes, these are easy to use, all you have to do is refuel. In terms of cost, I can say that it is much cheaper than gas-fired heaters, says Lahtinen.

The Airrex AH-300 has many things that make it easy to use in such spaces. It can be easily moved and does not require a separate exhaust pipe. It is almost odorless and does not make any noise. Infrared radiation heats the material instead of the air. No fan is needed so dust or other contaminants do not rise from the floor.

All in all, the Garden has been very satisfied with Airrex heaters. The thermostat-controlled heater is set at the desired temperature and then everyone can concentrate on the essentials.

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