Airrex guarantee

Activate 3 years guarantee!

Activate 3 years Airrex guarantee

The official Airrex importer Rex Nordic Oy grants a 3 year guarantee for diesel-heaters imported by Rex Nordic Oy.

For getting the 3 years guarantee, you need to activate your product in 4 weeks from purchase date. The guarantee activation needs to be done with this electronic form.

Warranty terms

  • The normal warranty period is 12 months from the purchase date. You can extend the warranty at by activating the 3-year warranty within four weeks of the purchase date.
  • The warranty covers all parts that are part of the general warranty terms.
  • The warranty only covers products imported by Rex Nordic Oy.
  • Only dealers authorised by Rex Nordic Oy are allowed to market and advertise the 3-year warranty.
  • Print the warranty certificate issued to you for the extended warranty and keep it with the receipt.
  • If the device is sent to warranty servicing within the extended warranty period, the receipt and warranty certificate for the extended warranty must be sent with it.
  • If the fault or malfunction is caused by user error or damage caused to the device by an external factor, all repair costs are charged to the customer.
  • Warranty servicing or warranty repair require the receipt and warranty certificate for the extended warranty.
  • All costs connected to transporting the device to warranty servicing or warranty repair are at the customer’s expense. Keep the original packaging to facilitate any transport.
  • The costs connected to returning the device to the customer after warranty servicing or warranty repair (if the device was approved for warranty servicing/repair) are at the expense of the dealer/importer.

Warranty period

The warranty period is three years from the purchase date stated on the receipt. The 3-year warranty is only valid with the original receipt. The 3-year warranty is only valid for product purchased after 1 January 2015.

Remember to keep the receipt. It is proof of valid warranty.

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