Rex Nordic


Two years ago, Riku Turunen from Kontiolahti was considering the heating costs of his industrial hall. It consumed a lot of power and the bills really reflected that. Things had to change in a sensible manner.

Riku’s garage hall is 135 square metres in size, and the highest point of the roof is at four metres. The large roll-up doors are prone to waste heat, so the task was a challenging one.

Airrex AH-300 was selected as the heating device. AH-300 is an almost odourless, diesel-powered infrared heater with a 100% efficiency that is very well suited for industrial halls such as Turunen’s garage.

Practice showed instantly that Airrex was a great solution because the device was easy to use as well as cost-efficient.

“I must say that over the past two years, I’ve noticed how reliable and easy this device is to use. It’s mainly been in one place, and I’ve had no need to do anything to it although I’m using it all the time.”

Besides convenience, savings are playing an important role now.

“Earlier, if a period of, say, three weeks incurred an expense of a little more than €680, now I’m only spending €370, fuel included. Annually, that’s quite a big sum of money,” Turunen ponders.

Once again, all that was needed was one device to solve issues. Airrex AH-300 reduced heating costs, and Riku Turunen can now focus on the essential – conducting his business – without any worries.